Carioca Plus

Carioca Plus

Packaging Design

In the vast continuum of artistic growth, there exists a space that has long awaited to champion a product that seamlessly transitions aspiring artists from the bright imagination of childhood into the refined skill of a professional. Carioca Plus is that bridge, a product line designed for emerging artists halfway through their creative journey.

The essence of Carioca Plus lies in its ability to inspire and accommodate the expanding horizons of those who seek to define themselves through their art. It’s for the explorers of new techniques, the brave souls who wish to leave their mark, and those who savor the act of creation as a reflection of their identity.
Carioca Plus invites individuals to a world where each color and each tool is an opportunity to pause time and immerse in one’s passion. It’s a celebration of uniqueness and a call to share one’s vision with the world.
The packaging comes to life with the distinctive illustrations by the design duo Van Orton.

Each design represents the line’s philosophy: bold, vibrant, and unmistakably original. The illustrations are an integral part of the product’s identity, making the creativity and individuality that Carioca Plus stands for come to life. Carioca Plus becomes the art supplies collection that unlocks everyone’s inner artist. Perfect for anyone who wants to express themselves and take their creativity to the next level. It is here, in the balance between playful exploration and serious craft, that Carioca Plus finds its home.

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