Rome’s freshest milk gets even fresher.

Rome’s freshest milk gets even fresher.

Fattoria Latte Sano's project was quite literally a "cool" one.

Even fitter term, since the iconic Roman brand is probably the only one that can promise and deliver fresh milk sprang just a few kilometers from the city. Our job was to refresh the historical brand’s communication style.

And so we did, through engaging ADVs, social content, and new impactful packaging design for Sanoyo and Yogurt Bio, two amazing products on point with the latest customers’ needs relating to organic and healthy yogurts.
On one side, we focused on designing colorful, yummy packaging that could stand out on the shelves, and convey their natural ingredients through a hand-written font.
On the other, our visual approach for the ADV and Social was to tell key messages pairing the brand’s story to the one of Rome and its people, who’ve been growing with Fattoria Latte Sano for over 70 years.

The iconic Latte Sano truck is here juxtaposed with the Pantheon like a monument itself.
The brand is part of the history of the city and therefore trusted by everyone.
Not just fresh, but also lactose-free.
This ADV relates the product to light and comfy feelings, like watching the city's beauty on an early morning.
Freshness always finds a way home with Fattoria Latte Sano.
The best milk makes for the best breakfasts and sweet family moments.
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