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Kimberly Clark



We do believe that the future of packaging goes through a complete integration between packs and digital. In a market where brands turn into entertainment and information,
the pack itself stands out as a perfect vehicle for sharing new content, data and services. 
Long story short: the new box is getting smart. And we can't wait to design it. 
For this reason over the last months we have tested new packaging solutions by mixing impactful design and digital technologies.


In this case we have developed for Huggies - in partnership with Vivo Studio - a special Augmented Packaging project. This is how it works: download the Huggies Unistar app, point your smartphone at the package and discover a virtual cloud of special contents.


The overlapping between physical reality and animated design immediately creates a striking effect. And yet, we were not looking for surprises only. Most of all we wanted to use this technology to produce something useful and effective.
We wanted to create a real enriched platform with good informations and special contents. We opted for a bright-light design able to evoke the tenderness of the brand. The other priority was to communicate the innovative tool in a simple way, in order to keep the user-experience always easy and fun.