CLIENT: Ferrero Italia
PROJECT: Nutella Esperienza Italia 150
Nutella is a love-brand for millions of families around the world. On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, we've decided to realize a limited edition packaging celebrating the event and symbolically blending Italian history and families. ARC'S has interpreted the project with style and creative innovation, helping to mark a great achievement in terms of sales and market penetration. A few weeks after its launch, the success of the operation required an immediate increase in production.
(Sarah Branduardi - Nutella Senior Brand Manager)
CLIENT: Kimberly Clark
PROJECT: Scottex Tissue
Scottex is the major Italian brand for kleenex and one of the main players in the paper field. Over the last few years the brand had accused some weakness due to lack of visual consistency.
We involved ARC'S in order to strengthen the visibility on the shelf while introducing the product to a broader audience.
The result within the first year after the launch has been excellent: 900,000 new families adopted the product with a considerable increase in sales volume.
(Federica Esposito - Scottex Senior Brand Manager)
CLIENT: Visamoris
PROJECT: Visamoris Pigato
We was trying to tell a great story coming from a small vineyard in Liguria. We asked ARC'S to express our personality through a layout able to hold together charm and tradition. We was perfectly aware of the task's complexity: we needed a balanced style, something elegant and essential at the same time.
After a few short meetings, ARC's creatives provided us with several proposals perfectly in line with our demands.
We finally felt like we found our unique visual-signature.
(Rossana Zappa - Visamoris Owner)
PROJECT: Mirey Tights
Mirey was an old-fashioned brand with something like 40 types of products very different from each other (sporty, modeling, fashion, sexy, comfortable) but with no visual boundaries between them. ARC'S has realized the overall restyling of the brand moving from a thorough analysis of the range personality. The outcome is a very strong family of products featuring different details and peculiarities. The sales results have proved to be excellent.
(Anastasia Rogacheva - Mirey Marketing Manager)
CLIENT: Martini & Rossi
PROJECT: Martini Icons
For the launch of the new Martini bottle we have commissioned a limited edition POS materials aimed at defining three distinct ways of drinking for three different cocktail glasses. The outcome has been fascinating: ARC'S created special invisible glasses through which we gave full relevance to the product. The campaign turned out to be a success in terms of retail-marketing all over Europe.
(Giorgio Bertolo - Marketing Manager Martini Italia)
CLIENT: Intermar
PROJECT: Wonder Bean Gum
Our objective was to create a totally new range of confectionery products based on the "Wonder Beans" core theme. Since the product category came out to be totally new to the Turkish consumers, we needed the packs to be visually impactful and distinctive. Thanks to ARC'S we have launched 9 references successfully. Working with a perceptive and creative team like Arc's made the work way easier.
(Aycan Totkanli - Marketing Manager Intermar Turkey)